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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Mad about fuel cost? -- Save 10% right now

Are you mad about the present cost of fuel? You can save about 10% or more on fuel cost right now, and help to stop global warming at the same time.

I am working on ways to reduce fuel consumption in transportation, such as reducing aerodynamic drag. So, I experiment with my car-- I measure my fuel economy all the time. Here are some facts about highway driving:

* Reducing highway speed from 70 mph to 65 mph saves about 8% of fuel.
* Reducting speed from 75 mph to 70 mph saves about 10% on fuel.
* At 80 mph, you are throwing fuel away. If you drive over 80 mph and push the pedal any time you feel the need, then you have the potential to save as much as 30% of fuel usage.

Hey, if you are seriously angry about the price of fuel, you can bring it down, if you can just relax a little when you drive. Give it a try. Let me know your results.

Good luck


  • Reducing drag is absolutely important. Have you considered putting a thin smooth board under the entire underside of the car? I have a Vixen RV, and the thing is AMAZING on gas. For a huge RV it only consumes 25mpg!!! One of the secrets they use is a smooth polyethylene sheet under the entire vehicle, causing no wind disturbance from all the brake lines and such underneath. It's also pretty low to the ground as well. The result is when you let off the gas doing 70mph on the freeway, it keeps sailing! No "brick wall" effect with the wind. Simply incredible.

    Of course if you do implement this enhancement, you would want to pay careful attention to radiator air flow and heat buildup under the hood.

    Something to monitor for those with automatic transmissions is that during highway driving after going up a hill and having it shift into a lower gear that it doesn't stay there. The more you can keep it in the highest gear possible it saves significant amounts of fuel. Of course if you're towing something heavy then you might still want to keep it in a lower gear to reduce wear on the transmission. But otherwise, have you ever seen the dramatic difference on the MPG readout as the tranny goes through the gears? About 25% better economy by having it in the highest gear possible.

    How I wish American cars still had stick shift transmissions. Two of my three vehicles are stick, but I just couldn't find a minivan for my family with that option. Japan and Europe definitely have the advantage there with the better transmissions. Perhaps it will become a moot in another decade as CVT and Toyota's planetary thing with their hybrid vehicles may come into vogue.

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    By Blogger Lorin Thwaits, at March 14, 2005 at 8:12 AM  

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